Full Circle Counseling will assist you to create healthy relationships and loving connections. Love is what we all yearn for in our soul. Love refers to a feeling of strong attraction and emotional attachment. Love is a virtue, representing human kindness, compassion, affection, unselfish, loyal, benevolent, concern for the soul of others.

Participating in therapy contributes to living and loving more authentically. Finding love, joy and happiness in personal relationships is essential.  I promise to assist you establishing healthy boundaries that are loving and kind. What could possibly be more important in life than being able to share a circle of love. A circle of love is an experience worth working toward.

Supportive, non-judgmental guidance. Each one of us chooses roads to call our own. Don’t travel through the universe alone. The circle goes on and on. It began before us and will be here when we are gone. Circle of humanity. Joining me to you and you to me. A circle of love occurs when two or more people are together with completely open hearts open with their true self with each other and spirit. Atonement is the basis for building healthy relationships. Do you feel empty and alone and hope to set love from others to fill your emptiness? You may have learned to give love to get love. Fun, joy intimacy and creativity are some of the results of the circle of love. Show you what you can do to create more circles of love in your life. When we are sharing our self and love with others and they are doing the same a circle of love occurs. Many people rarely experience a circle of love due to their intent to protect themselves from painful feelings rather than to learn about loving yourself and others.

Open your heart to others. Circle-wholeness, the self, infinite eternity, unity. The circle of life makes us realize our place in the world. Embrace realities of life. Find your place- purpose and meaning. Each one of us has an important role to play in society. We are all interconnected. The circle of life is a never-ending journey.  Learn to love yourself and others. A circle of love is an experience worth working toward. To create more circles of love in your life. When we are sharing our self and love with others and they are doing the same a circle of love occurs. Many people rarely experience a circle of love due to their intent to protect themselves from painful feelings rather than learn about loving yourself and others. Open your heart to others. You are the one you have been waiting for. The love you have hoped for begins with you. How do you love yourself? What parts of yourself need more love from you? What can you do as part of your daily routine to maintain a loving relationship with yourself? Self-care is asking yourself what you need and following through. Successful outcomes of therapy is to find comfort in your aloneness because we are never truly alone if we know ourselves. As a therapist, one of our jobs is to help people understand what gets in the way of taking in the love that is already in their lives, even when circumstances are difficult. I like therapy, someone who has no emotional tie to your life.

Reasons why I love therapy:

1. One whole hour about me

2. Unbiased advice

3. Working through stuff with a qualified person

4. Feeling of success


Learning to love yourself and others is the foundation necessary to create a circle of love in your life. You have the power to create loving relationships. Please allow me to provide you with the tools to create a circle of loving, healthy relationships. Learning to recognize both positive and negative feelings and what triggers or situations lead to them can assist you to cope with difficulties in a constructive way. I am committed to providing you with knowledge and tools to assist children and teens to gain confidence in themselves, improve their social skills, make decisions and accept personal responsibility.

I believe that you learn the most important lessons during challenging times. I believe that lessons can be learned during times when you are experiencing loss and grief. Perhaps you are in need of learning how to care for a loved one who has a chronic or terminal disease. Knowing how feelings are affecting your life allows you to make healthy life transitions. I am committed to explaining the therapeutic process and how you can benefit from it. Setting goals related to what you would like to achieve from therapy. I believe there are many effective approaches to therapy.

I provide a variety of treatment interventions. I treat emotional, behavioral, and personality disorders using theoretically evidence-based interventions. Let me help you understand the emotional development and spiritual makeup of relationships. Learning to love should be a high priority. I will explain the therapeutic process, how you can benefit from it, and work together with you to determine what you would like to gain and achieve from it. I believe there are many effective approaches to therapy. Maintaining confidentiality and responding with empathy is a key element of therapy. I can guide you to your own best solutions. I can help you achieve insight into your own thoughts, emotions, feelings, and experiences so that you can make choices for yourself and move towards a healthier emotional state. Learning to increase the level of trust, esteem, communication, and harmony in your home. I can assist youth during their teen years to explore and develop positive identity, to gain control of their own thoughts, behaviors, and actions, learn to increase your self-esteem, and empower yourself to accomplish your goals. I consistently study literature and materials that provide me with a foundational knowledge of history, theory, and skills.

Through study, I deepen my knowledge and clinical skills through participation in ongoing training and seminars. As a member of the American Therapy Association, I am able to remain current with play therapy with current studies related to play therapy ideologies and methods. I network with other trained play therapy providers. I strive to stay current with important professional issues ongoing education and training. I provide treatment that is respectful of multicultural diversity. Therapy is about putting life back together again based on a clear understanding of ourselves.

Psychotherapy provides a safe, confidential, and neutral relationship to explore what hurts. Sometimes we need to seek understating from someone other than a lover, parent, or friend. Therapist and client sit together in a quiet place being present to any feelings that come up. Distraction and noise from the outside world are put on hold for an hour or a session. This environment invites opening up the parts of ourselves that we keep shutdown, secret, or tied up in knots. Tears are likely, but so is laughter and joy. Therapy is not only about pain, but also being able to live well with the difficulties that life holds and finding the laughter that lives alongside the pain.


At Full Circle Counseling, we will assist you to change and improve your relationships with self and others. You can bring positivity and peaceful changes into your life when you gain clarity, establish a goal, and make it happen. Life is a circle of change. Life is a circle of energy, meaning that if something dies it gives life to another. Through ups and downs, love and misfortune change is always occurring. Allow me to companion you on your journey to find purpose and meaning in your life and create happy, connected relationships.

According to David Susman, the following are life changing benefits of psychotherapy.

  1. Have a safe and private place to talk about sensitive personal issues
  2. Better understand symptoms and diagnosis
  3. Become informed about additional effective treatment options
  4. Decrease or eliminate depression and anxiety
  5. Reduce and manage negative or destructive thoughts, feelings, and behaviors
  6. Understand and process effects of traumatic events
  7. Stop using drugs, tobacco, and alcohol
  8. Reduce impulses and actions of self-harm or aggression
  9. Plan for crises to ensure safety and reduce risk of harm
  10. Learn effective coping skills to manage difficult situations
  11. Improve sleep, nutrition, and physical activity patterns
  12. Establish new healthy behaviors and habits
  13. Have more satisfying relationships at home, school, and work
  14. Learn to be more mindful, less stressed and more relaxed
  15. Become more confident and at ease in social situations
  16. Understand personal values and how to live in accord with them
  17. Increase focus, attention, organization and time management skills
  18. Learn about self-help and community resources and supports
  19. Become a better caregiver or advocate for others
  20. Improve overall physical and mental health and wellness


Just as a circle is round and has no end, your possibilities to grow are limitless. Setting realistic goals allows you to make positive changes. Learning healthy coping skills and problem solving promotes growth. It takes time and effort to grow into the individual that you want to become. You will be provided with an opportunity to do the most meaningful work that therapy can offer. Together we will formulate an individualized treatment plan and goals to help meet your needs.

Creating a never-ending circle of growth can lead to mastery of self. Growth means having the power to change and reframe your thoughts, feelings and actions. You can grow to be a force for good and develop leadership skills when you make heathy decisions or overcome challenges. Growing into a new person with new skills and behaviors doesn’t always mean growth. It can refer to growing back toward being the person you used to be before your mental health challenges brought you into unknown territory. Difficulties often come into your life that you would not choose and would not anticipate. During these times, therapy can be a place where you can vent, cry, laugh, and grow.

My goal as a therapist is to practice empathy and ultimately believe you are able to make progress. I believe people can grow when provided with a supportive, non-judgmental environment. I will provide a safe place to experience growth, healing, and connection in all areas of wellness.