Therapy: A Journey to Inner Wellness

Embark on a transformative collaboration between therapist and client, where the exploration of inner wisdom leads to independence, the healing of old wounds, the achievement of life goals, and the cultivation of nourishing relationships. Psychotherapy provides a sacred, confidential, and impartial space to delve into emotional landscapes. In this sanctuary, away from the outside world’s distractions, therapist and client sit together, allowing for the unraveling of emotions, secrets, and knots that have been tucked away. Tears may flow, but so can laughter and joy. This therapeutic process is not just about pain; it’s about living well amidst life’s challenges and discovering the laughter that coexists with the pain.

The Therapeutic Process Unveiled

Shift Perspectives:
Gain profound insights by viewing thoughts and beliefs from different perspectives, fostering newfound understanding.

Emotional Confrontation:
Confront and navigate your feelings in a secure space, promoting emotional growth and resilience.

Emotional Burden Sharing and Loneliness Combat:
Share the emotional burden, creating a supportive environment to lighten the load. Feel less alone with your problems, fostering connection and understanding.

Holistic Well-Being and Coping Mechanism Fortification:
Enhance mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being through personalized therapeutic interventions. Strengthen coping mechanisms to face life’s challenges with resilience. Improve social and community functioning, fostering healthier relationships and connections. Live a fuller, more enriched life!

Cost & Fees

Initial Assessment: $ 250.00

Individual Assessment: $175.00

Couples/Family: $175.00

We also accept self-pay and clergy pay ($175 for the initial assessment and $150 for each session thereafter). Payment is due in full at the time of the session by cash, check, Health savings account, or credit card.

Insurance: Clergy Pay, Cigna, Aetna, Private Pay, Out of network benefits, United Behavioral Health (Optum), Medicaid, Educators Mutual, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Beacon Health Options, Medicare, Molina, Select Health, Tricare West, University of Utah Health Plans